Toy trains and steam engines - Iron horses


Welcome to the official Rule the Rail! website!
We intend to make this site sort of an agora, a meeting place for all of You who play (and love) Rule the Rail!

Here's what we have for you under the sections:


Model trains - Iron horses


Judgement Day
Rule the Rail! has been weighed and found...what?
Find it out here, at the spot where your hammers fall.

  Click it if you are lost. We tried and hard enough to create the site in such a way that this never happens. But it can, of course, especially whenever our web designer resisted what all the others said and defied common sense and axioms of web navigation in a daredevil manner.
HOME is also the section that pops up first when you visit our site, so there is no way to avoid it, anyway.
  Under F.A.Q. we have collected your questions and tried to answer them satisfatorily. Be sure to check this section first if you get stuck with the game in any way. Then there is always the manual and the tutorial for you. And, of course, you can always fire questions at will. (About RtR, preferably. Hate to confess, but if you ask us deep and important questions about the meaning of life, for example, you are bound to get highly useless answers.)    
  Oh, yeah, baby, we are getting on to something much more interesting. We believe that this game is kept alive by YOU, who play it. Therefore we invite everyone to share the experience of their plotting tables with all of us. Visit the gallery often, and, most importantly of all:
  What is in our treasure chest / trash can?  Well, lots of things.
First of all:
The great Starter Kit.
We call it Starter, because it gives you everything to start on with: the game in its full functionality (except some save restrictions for the unregistered users), and some objects, vehicles.
We call it great, because it IS great. Easy to use lifelike simulation, just you we always dreamed to play it on a computer.
And finally, we call it Kit, because it is a Kit. (And none of us could think of a better word.)
Secondly, there are Extension Packs.
They are various collections of additionaly engines, wagons, houses...etc. that you can buy. Purchase is done through Registration. We give you all the steps you need to Register under this section.
Thirdly, there are various stuff. From time to time, one of us goes wild and prepares something that has a vague connection with the game. Typically, it is wallpapers but you can never tell for sure.
  Read all about what's going on in the world of Rule the Rail!
Upcoming project, sort of stuff.
Despite its boring name, things that have just started cooking
first appear here.
  Share your layouts with others. Upload them for others to enjoy.
Also, if you like, write something about yourself, or send us a photo
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